MAK-System's IMUG: Revolutionizing Patient Care Through Collaborative Innovation

Collaborative community

Connecting industry experts in blood, transfusion, plasma, and cell therapy to foster technology advancement and enhance patient outcomes

MAK-SYSTEM is proud to host a collaborative customer user group, bringing together professionals from blood, transfusion, plasma and cell therapy industries. United through a shared interest in improving patient care, our User Group actively is a dynamic forum to foster relationships and advance technology.

We founded the International MAK User Group (IMUG) in 1999 to bring together customers from around the globe to shape innovation, share their experiences, identify common challenges, learn from each other and envision the future of how MAK solutions could continuously evolve.

IMUG connects our customers with each other and with leaders from across MAK’s organization, facilitating communication and enhancing the development process. The IMUG meets in person twice per year and virtually throughout the year allowing a wider spectrum of users to connect.

Through open discussions and shared experiences, User Group members collectively contribute to the evolution and optimization of our products and services, creating a supportive network that advances the overall user experience.

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Customer testimonials

"The Welsh Blood Service has been in partnership with MAK-SYSTEM since 2015 - we use their ePROGESA software to manage our blood supply chain activity, to ensure a safe supply of blood products into NHS Wales hospitals.

We have developed excellent working relationships with the team at 'MAK', working with them to not only implement the core ePROGESA platform, but also to to design and implement innovative new solutions to support our needs as we seek to constantly evolve and develop our business processes to support the needs of our blood donors and the patients who are recipients of their life-saving donations. The team are open to exploring new opportunities to improve the way in which we use their digital solutions. This includes advice on how to leverage maximum value from the services we use.

Their International MAK-SYSTEM User Group (IMUG), which I had the privilege of chairing from 2018 - 2023, has an incredible depth of knowledge and information and serves as a unique vehicle for learning about the ways in which other Blood Establishments from all over the world use the MAK product suite. Since we joined the group in 2015, it has helped shape some of our own service improvements and undoubtedly helped us to continually improve the services we offer to our donors, as well as improving the user experience for our staff that use MAK services daily."

David Mason-Hawes

Head of Digital Delivery | Welsh Blood Service

"Northern Ireland is leading the way in the development of a unique and very exciting blood transfusion transformation project. We are replacing a system which is over 25 years old and, for the first time ever, it will be possible to interrogate the entire blood transfusion system digitally which will provide information and insight not previously available. We are looking forward to continuing this great work with our suppliers and stakeholders to realise the regional implementation of this solution over the coming years, which will support safe, quality patient care. On completion, a fully functioning electronic ‘vein to vein’ donor management, blood production and tracking system will be in place. This will deliver benefits such as improved patient safety, enhanced processes for staff, improved donor experience, and a modernised blood supply chain for Northern Ireland."

Karin Jackson

Chief Executive and BPaT SRO (Senior Responsible Owner) Northern Ireland Blood Transfusion Service